Scholarship Foundation Honour Roll


Winners and Finalists



Cranfield School of Management Prizes

2015 Lily Rattray Lily Rattray Ninth Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholar, 2015
2015 Paul Lamprecht  Paul Lamprecht headshot Fee Bursary Award winner
2015 Claire Dyason  Claire Dyason Fee Bursary Award winner
2014 Craig Kitto   Craig-Kitto-Small Eighth Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholar, 2014 MBA 2015
2013 Daniel George  Daniel George Seventh Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholar, 2013 MBA 2014
2013 Kevin Ha  Kevin Ha Outstanding Candidate Award winner MBA 2014
2012 David Scollon  David Scollon, 2012 Scholarship winner Sixth Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholar, 2012 MBA 2013 Odgers Prize Finalist, 2013
2012 Aashlesha Venkatachalam  Aashlesha Venkatachalam Finalist and “TwentyTwelve” Award winner MBA 2013 Tasman Cup Winner, 2013
2012 Benjamin Elias Benjamin Elias Finalist and “TwentyTwelve” Award winner MBA 2013
2011 Anna Baggoley  caasf-2011-finalist-anna Fifth Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholar, 2011 MBA 2012 Tasman Cup Winner, 2012
2010 Todd Myers  Todd-Myers small Fourth Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholar, 2010   MBA 2011 Henry Ford Prize Winner 2011
2010 Adam Cox  Cox, Adam photo Finalist and FeeShare Award winner MBA 2011
2010 Charlie Honner  Honner, Charles photo Finalist and FeeShare Award winner MBA 2011
2009 Damini Singh  Damini Third Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholar, 2009 MBA 2010
2008 Robert Milagre  Robert Milagre Second Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholar, 2008 MBA 2009
2008 Chris Tredwin  Tredwin, Chris Photo Finalist and FeeShare Award winner MBA 2009
2007 Sarah Nicholson  Sarah Parrish Inaugural Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholar MBA 2008
2007 John Miocevich Finalist and FeeShare Award winner MBA 2008 Tasman Cup Winner, 2008


The President’s award

The President’s award was established in 2010 by the second President of the Foundation Steve Wood (EMBA 1994). The President’s award recognises the person showing “exceptional dedication, commitment and support for CAASF and  is chosen solely by the President.

2014  Winner—Bronwyn Fulton – Egon Zehnder

Bronwyn FultonStephen Williams describes his reasons for the award:

“Browyn has been an incredibly important part of  our Scholarship selection process,  which she does on a voluntary basis, managing to fit it in around her time-pressured “day job”.  Bronwyn adds the external perspective which, unseen by most,  ensures consistency in our selection process year-to-year.”

2013  Winner—Graham Baws (MBA 1979)

Graham BawsStephen Williams describes his reasons for the award:

“Graham has been recognised for his behind the scenes work as Treasurer, something that entails many hours of dedicated effort and is a responsibility often noticed only when it fails to be done well.”

2012 Winner—Alexandra Chapman (MBA 1988)

Steve Wood describes his reasons for the award:

“Alex has worked tirelessly to manage our candidate pipeline.  As the year starts out we always have many candidates, but as life’s circumstances and the GMAT take their toll, we lose good candidates.  This year Alex, through extra efforts, was able to help Aashlesha, who was a late starter, over the line, so that we ultimately had three winners.  Well done Alex your recognition award is well deserved.”

2011 Winner—Prof David Corkindale (MBA 1965, PhD 1976)

Steve Wood describes his reasons for the award:

“David is our State Rep for South Australia, a founding member of the Scholarship Foundation and has been an unstinting contributor to the Alumni. David has won this year’s award for his excellent efforts in promoting the Scholarship around South Australia.  David has been able to promote the Scholarship to a wide range of organisations including the offices of the State MP and Prime Minister.  That has culminated in our first winner from South Australia, Anna Baggoley.  Well done David, your Award is well deserved.”

2010 Winner—Mark Ellis  (MOD MBA 2003)

 Mark EliisSteve Wood describes his reasons for the award:

“Mark is the first winner of this Award.  We wanted to acknowledge the great efforts that Mark has made in making this Award event, here in Sydney 2010, a great success.   Mark has acted as State Rep for NSW, and has put in a significant amount of effort in contacting and inviting alumni to come to this year’s Award Event. Mark, we appreciate your effort, and your Award is well deserved”


The McFarlane Dollar

The McFarlane Dollar is a perpetual award made each year to recognise “Outstanding Contribution”. Each year, the winner’s name is added to the honour roll on the Perpetual Trophy and the winner is custodian of  The McFarlane Dollar trophy for the year before handing it to the next awardee at the May dinner. The winner also receives a smaller trophy as a momento of their achievement.

The McFarlane Dollar arose out of a lighted-hearted bet between Alexandra Chapman (MBA 1988) and John McFarlane (MBA 1975) in January 2012. You can read all about that here.

2014 Winner and custodian—Mariee Durkin-Beech

Mariee Durkin-Beech

Mariee was awarded The McFarlane Dollar for the enormous work behind the scenes helping with organising the award events, the annual report and updating the alumni database. All essential task which are quite invisible but which present our public face to sponsors and the alumni.

2013 Winner and custodian—Phil Reid (EMBA 1997)

Phil Reid MBA 1997

Phil Reid was awarded The McFarlane Dollar for his work in tracking down alumni from all Schools at Cranfield and his efforts in organising events and reenergising the alumni community in NSW. It was Phil who did the research which first alerted us to the larger numbers of Cranfield alumni in Australian, compared to the official records and started us down the journey of expanding our activities to broaden the community by inviting them to events.

2012 Winner and custodian—Kim Parish (MBA 1990)

Kim Parish (MBA 1990), Custodian of The McFarlane Dollar, 2012

Kim Parish

is the first awardee of The McFarlane Dollar for the work that she has done over the past 2 years in improving every aspect of the selection process – from scoring criteria, interview techniques and interaction with the applicants during the interview, to co-ordinating the final selection meeting. Kim’s efforts have created an outstanding end-to-end process, one which we can be sure will choose the winner well and which will also ensure that others who may take on the interviewer’s role in the future years can also complete the task to the same excellent standards.