Alexandra Chapman (MBA 1988)

Alex Chapman View Alex Chapman's profile on LinkedInMBA, 1988Co-Founder, Totally Optimized Projects
International President Australia, Cranfield Management Alumni
Inaugural President, Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship Foundation

What was I doing when I decided to do the MBA
I was 31, a highly successful highly paid IT project manager traveling around the world installing Hogan (the banking package du jour). But I couldn’t stand the waste and the lost opportunities for using IT to make the business better. As an “IT person” I had no credibility to suggest alternatives or options. I thought that if I could learn to speak the language of business, then I could be of much greater service to the business.

Why I chose Cranfield
Despite the fact that Cranfield was not that well known in Australia, when I researched the difference in the various schools, Cranfield’s outstanding reputation, the practical emphasis, the older age of students with more work experience and the fact that they crammed 2 year’s coursework into 1, made it seem a great place.

What I got out of it
Instead of being an IT person who had some understanding of the dynamics of business, I became a business strategist with a detailed understanding of IT delivery. Immediately post-MBA, it was hard to comprehend the immensity of the learning. In fact it was only about 15 years later, when I was doing a major remediation on a huge B2B systems project, that I realized how much of what I was using was knowledge acquired at Cranfield. I learnt how to think systematically and strategically about consequences, implications and the long term.

Alexandra Chapman