Andrew Cridland (MBA 2003)

Andrew Cridland View Alex Chapman's profile on LinkedInMBA, 2003

Director Commercial – DP World Australia

What was I doing when I decided to do the MBA
I was the Managing Director of P&O’s business in Papua New Guinea and coming to the end of my assignment.  I had the option to return to Australia but none of the roles had significant appeal.  It appeared the right time to consider a break in my career and fulfill my goal of completing an MBA and building on my experience in running the business in PNG.  I had moved the family to PNG from Australia and therefore another move overseas was both possible and achievable.

Why I chose Cranfield
Cranfield met all the criteria that I set myself if I was to take a break from my career.  The MBA was a one year intensive course that was recognized internationally.  The opportunity to study with a diverse group of students with more work experience and international experience set it above other options. For my family the ability to live on campus in a university provided house with schools and shops made the move easier than other options.

What I got out of it
The MBA provided me with an opportunity to step back from work and acquire new skills, knowledge and competencies and to evaluate new opportunities.  To do this whilst living on campus with the other students for one year enhanced the experience and the network that is created.  For my family and I to live in England added another invaluable dimension to taking a career break for a year.  My functional background is HR and the MBA assisted in cementing my change out of HR.