Chris Tredwin (MBA 2009)

Alex Chapman MBA 2009Assistant Vice President (applications) – SwissRe, Zurich.

What was I doing when I decided to do the MBA
I was based in Melbourne, working as a senior development manager for Oracle Corporation, a leading supplier of enterprise applications software. This was in effect a technical management role that I had performed for a few years. I wanted to move up into a more strategically oriented management role.

Why I chose Cranfield
It had the best mix of features I was looking for: an intensive 1 year MBA at a top ranking school; a smaller class, and close knit campus community; plenty of support for my wife and daughter; international diversity; an older cohort, with lots of professional experience;  and a strong focus within the course on personal development – leadership, communication skills, teamworking and networking. Overall, the culture of the school was exactly what I was looking for. This is an aspect that varies significantly between business schools and should never be underestimated when choosing an MBA.

What I got out of it

My biggest win has been to leave with massively improved confidence in my own potential and abilities. My previous experience would very likely have secured me an interview for the role I’m moving into. But it’s thanks to the MBA that I went on to be offered the job.

This is due to a combination of factors. Some classes are more relevant than others, although you will almost certainly see a great deal of material relevant to your career. But the better personal skills are the clincher.

Cranfield students leave with both heightened awareness and a tendency for action. Awareness of where we really are in terms of our leadership skills, and a considered action plan to address the areas necessary to fulfill our potential.

If you have a genuine desire to improve on this score, Cranfield is a fantastic choice. If you want genuine skills, look no further.