Colin Squires (MBA 1976)

Alex Chapman MBA, 1976

Former Director, Corporate Finance, UBS.

What was I doing when I decided to do the MBA
I had graduated in engineering at the University of Tasmania and was working in London six years later. I had toyed with the idea of doing an MBA and an advertisement to attend a seminar run by the Business Graduates Association caught my eye.

Why I chose Cranfield
I decided then and there to do an MBA, so asked around contacts in London who confirmed that Cranfield and LBS were the pick of the UK schools. Cranfield’s 12 month intensive course suited best.

What I got out of it
I entered Cranfield literally not knowing what a balance sheet was, but quickly picked up the pace. On graduating, my interest in finance led to me applying to investment banks and joined Macquarie Bank in Melbourne, subsequently moving to UBS. There is no way this metamorphosis could have been accomplished for me without an MBA.