Graham Baws (MBA 1979)

Graham Baws MBA, 1979
Principal: Mosaic Management & Financial Services

What was I doing when I decided to do the MBA
I was working in Port Hedland, in the far north of Western Australia, for an American company. We produced salt by the solar evaporation of sea water and it was far cry from my working life as a chartered accountant in London eighteen months earlier. After six years in Port Hedland, the final three as General Manager, I was convinced I needed to take formal studies in management!

Why I chose Cranfield
Even without the internet I was able to research business schools of choice, and Cranfield stood out in several respects; its reputation and one year MBA programme being two important factors.

What I got out of it
In terms of benefit, it’s in the mind. It gave me the confidence to take on a number of GM roles and eventually start and grow my own business which we (with my wife) ran for eleven years until we sold it three years ago. Now I consult to a portfolio of small and medium businesses on a wide range of issues, oftentimes calling on the principles I remember from my year at Cranfield. One wish for the future is to have Cranfield and its MBAs continue on a life-long programme of learning.