Sarah Nicholson (MBA 2008)

robert Full Time MBA 2008
Strategy & Business Development Analyst, BHP Billiton Aluminium
What was I doing when I decided to do the MBA
I was working as a senior engineer for BHP Billiton Technology in Newcastle, NSW in a role that was a combination of technical engineering, project management and operations management.  I wanted to move into more senior management and strategic roles so I started researching MBAs.

Why I chose Cranfield
If I was going to take a year out to study, then I wanted it to be at a top school so I started looking at the top 50 schools around the world.  I wanted a school with an interesting mix of students and one that focussed on general management rather than a specific area like finance.  What really attracted me to Cranfield was the heavy emphasis placed on team work and personal and professional development.  Another attraction was the slightly older average age of the students and the fact that it’s a purely post graduate university.  Cranfield really stood out as offering something extra compared with other schools.

What I got out of it
The MBA has helped me shift gears in my career.  I’ve moved from a technical role to a strategic, commercial one using many of the skills that I learned at Cranfield as well as relying on my previous technical background.  More than changing jobs though, Cranfield has changed the way that I work, particularly the way I work in a team and helped me understand situations from many different perspectives.  I now have a much broader view of the world, an amazingly diverse group of international friends and fantastic memories from a truly brilliant year.