Stephen Wood (EMBA 1994)

Stephen Wood View Stephen Wood's profile on LinkedInExec MBA, 1994
Founder & Director – Success Enterprises Consulting Pty Ltd

What was I doing when I decided to do the MBA
As a 27 year old, I was working for Ford Motor Company as a Manufacturing Engineer at a car components factory in London, England. I found I was more interested in people, projects and money than the engineering content itself.

Why I chose Cranfield
I looked at applications for INSEAD (France), Harvard (USA) and Warwick (UK), but in the end chose Cranfield, because it has a great reputation, offered the best course for me at a price I could afford to pay and was relatively close to where I lived.

What I got out of it
The MBA enabled me to move out of engineering into the commercial side of the business and to win a series of promotions and pay rises.

My MBA skills then helped me to change companies, negotiate a 50% pay rise, and move into a Corporate Strategy Manager role working on Strategy and M&A work.

Later, the people and high level business skills gained from the MBA were invaluable in setting up my own Strategy Consulting Business. I ended up having more control, more spare time, and in my second year of business, take home more money than when I was a highly paid employee.

At Cranfield I made some great friends. We are still in contact today, and still rely on each other for objective help and guidance.

Emigrating to Australia from the UK in 2005, I have found that the Australian Alumni Association has made me very welcome – it is good to be mixing with so many like minded, talented people!