Fast track for Alumni seeking Board Positions

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Gaining a board appointment is a natural progression for senior executives and an invaluable way to further your career as well as to ‘give back’.

A board appointment has been proven to increase opportunities – both professional, and personally – including increased likelihood of promotion, higher salaries, greater executive opportunities.

Developing a ‘portfolio of directorships’ can also provide a very attractive retirement solution.

A Board level role is a great way to maximise the value of your Cranfield MBA.

However, gaining a board appointment is a highly competitive process, one with its own special process that most skilled executives are not well prepared for.

To help our Cranfield Alumni in Australia, we have developed a relationship with Board Direction – Australia’s leading Non-Executive Director and board career support firm.

Board Appointments BookBoard Direction are dedicated to getting their members a board appointment.

They publish Australia’s largest and most diverse list of Non-Executive vacancies.

As corporate sponsors to CAASF, Board Direction have agreed to provide a copy of their eBook – “Board Appointments – A definitive guide to gaining a board appointment’ free to anyone who registers to become a member of their service.

Just visit and use the ‘CRANFIELD’ code at checkout.

Then let your fellow Alumni know how things turn out.