Tenth Annual CAASF Scholarship Appeal a wider audience

Cranfield VC, Board & 2015 Finalists

Tenth Annual CAASF Scholarship Appeal

2016 marks our Tenth Scholarship Award.

The Award provides a scholarship to Cranfield for their one-year MBA programme and a cash component by the Australian alumni towards the cost of travelling to Cranfield in the UK, and accommodation whilst there.

The full list is here  at www.cranfieldalumni.org.au/scholarship-foundation-honour-roll

What’s behind the Award?

It’s the idea that the MBA programme at Cranfield will provide leadership skills to the winners who will return to Australia and contribute to its future. With the evolution of the scholarship, there is also the need to renew and refresh CAASF and we now expect the returning winners to take a role on the board. By the way, all board roles are voluntary.

What got us here?

It was a combination of ideas from Cranfield School of Management and some local Cranfield alumni, the financial support of our patron in the early years and of the broader alumni community in the later years. It was also a dedicated team of local alumni who have organised the whole process over those ten years.

Behind CAASF is you, the alumni and our supporters, together the alumni community. You also got us here.

Think of a three-legged stool: one leg is the Cranfield MBA scholarship, the second is CAASF’s organisation and processes, and the third is the financial support from the alumni community. Without one of those legs, the stool topples over.

Why are we writing to you?

Because we need your help. Alumni have served on the board and have contributed funds to CAASF. This has been done on an as-needed basis, typical of running a lean organisation! What we want to achieve for the future is a growing endowment so that we can plan the scholarship with greater confidence, and smooth the amount of funds that we award the winner each year.

Over the near future, we wish to raise $100,000. Contributions may take several forms: individual donations, regular donations, matched-giving programmes, paid adverts on our website or, in the longer-term, legacies.

Why are we asking you to help?

We believe you know CAASF and our aims and we hope you will consider making a contribution on our tenth anniversary to support the future of the scholarship.

If you do choose to help us by making a contribution, please go to the Donate page on our website:

www.cranfieldalumni.org.au/welcome/donate and select the option you prefer. You can do this easily by credit card, cheque or EFT.

If you would rather first discuss your contribution with one of the board, please call:

Graham Baws on 0417 901 875 (WA)
Alex Chapman on 0411 519 445 (VIC)
Steve Wood on 0424 325 763 (VIC & TAS)
John Hosie on 0406 591 939 (NSW)

As a board, we are optimistic about the future of CAASF and want you to be part of that future. Your help with this fundraising will underscore that future.

Graham Baws
Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship Foundation Inc