How to apply

Registration Step 1 Please register your interest by submitting the form at the bottom of this page. You can register for this year’s scholarship process, put yourself on the list for a specific future year or simply register as “timing uncertain”. If at any time, your plans change, you can drop off the list.
Application Step 2 Fill in the Cranfield place application form and complete steps 2a & 2b
Step 3 Take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
the Cranfield Admission Test (CAT)
Step 4 Download and fill in the Scholarship Application one-page form (Word)
Step 5 Receive place offer from Cranfield
When you are ready to apply, then you need to complete Steps 2-5
Selection Step 6 Undertake Scholarship Interview
Step 7 Complete Sheldon Harris process
Step 8 Receive advice of CAASF scholarship (or other scholarship) Award
Step 9 Accept Award
If you are successful and get offered a place on the MBA programme by Cranfield, then you are in the running to be considered for the Australian Scholarship.

Step 1 Please register your interest.

The first step is to register your interest. You can register for this year’s scholarship process or just put yourself on the list for future years. By registering, we can keep you informed of alumni functions, and announcements regarding the scholarship. You can stay on the registrants list as long as you wish (indeed we have had some people on the list quite a few years before the time was right for them to apply.)

Each year you will get an update email and you have the option to indicate if you wish to stay on the list, opt out or become a “friend”  i.e., no longer interested in the scholarship yourself but happy to refer the announcement emails to friends, family and colleagues.

Q&A. What if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria? Register anyway, as the circumstances may change, e.g., we may have more scholarships, or there may be other scholarships we can advise you about. Not sure when or even if you may be able to take a year off to study? Again, register, as we are quite happy for people to be on the list receiving the regular update emails. If you decide at some point that you are no longer interested, just drop us an email and we can take you off.

When you are ready to apply for the scholarship, you need to complete Steps 2 – 5 to obtain your place on the MBA programme and to be included in the interview process.


Please complete the registration form. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Once you have submitted your registration, you will receive a “welcome email” and regular update emails.

Step 2 Fill in the Cranfield MBA programme application

Find out all about the application process on the Cranfield website.

You  can either lodge the application forms online or download them as a Word document by going here:  Link to Cranfield Application forms

The Complete Application form comprises

1. Application Checklist
2. The Application Form
3. Academic Reference
4. Work Reference
5. Personal Record Form (last page of this file)
6. 2 copies of Degree and Professional Certificates*
7. GMAT Score (where appropriate)
8. IELTS or TOEFL Score (where appropriate)
9. Passport-sized photograph

*If accepted on the programme, you will have to produce the original certificate(s) at Registration

  • Step 2a Referees 
    Reference forms must be sent to the referee who will then forward them directly to Cranfield. You will need to contact your chosen referees to ask them to complete the form.Your application will not be processed by Cranfield until they have received these references so you need to ensure that your referees understand how important they are to the successful processing of your application by the deadlines. The completed application form can be emailed to
    Your referees can use the same email address to send their completed reference forms.
  • Step 2b Cranfield Admission Interview
    This is a telephone interview with a senior faculty member.

Step 3 Take the Graduate Management Admission Test OR the Cranfield Admission Test

Refer to Taking the GMAT to book the GMAT and for helpful information about the test and also Taking the CAT.  Also please read the information on the FAQs.

Please note that you only need to take one or the other. If you opt to take the GMAT, you must provide the results; otherwise, Cranfield will not process your application, and neither will we.

As it takes about 3 weeks for your finalised GMAT results to be returned, although you will get a provisional score on the day of the test, you must take it early enough to ensure that you get the results by the closing date for the scholarship.

Your application to Cranfield must score 600 or above for it to be considered, so it is best to take the GMAT early. Otherwise, you may spend time on the application when it has no purpose.

If English is not your first language, you must also provide a TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign Language) score or IELTS score.


The British Council International English Language Test (IELTS) is for those whose first language is not English. A result in Band 7 for both written and spoken English is essential.

This test can be taken “on demand” in any of the 200 centres spread throughout 100 countries in British Council offices overseas. Applications should be made direct to the local office. If no office is available, enquiries should be made at the British Consular Offices.

A TOEFL score of around 600 for the paper test or 250 for the computer test is also acceptable.

Step 4 Fill in the Scholarship application page

This is a one-page submission where you make a persuasive case to be awarded the scholarship. This page, together with the rest of the application form submitted to Cranfield, will form part of the material used to develop the shortlist for interviews.

Therefore, you do not need to repeat any content on this page that is already in the other parts of the form.

We are seeking a person who has the talent and track record of success, who is passionate about Australia, and who wants to make a contribution to it in the future.

Use this page to persuade the selection committee that you are that person.

You can use words or images – but suggest that you keep your submission to a single page.

Download Cranfield Scholarship Application Page (Word Doc)

Step 5 Receive your offer of a place from Cranfield

If you are successful, Cranfield will contact you to offer you a place on the MBA programme. You will then receive a pack from Cranfield, which contains information about accommodation and other aspects that you will need to organise prior to September.

Step 6 Undertake Scholarship Interview

Once the scholarship selection committee has been advised that you have been offered a place, they will make contact for a one-hour interview with the local alumni.

At the start of the interview, you will have the opportunity to talk for 5 minutes (or less but not more).  You can use this time in any way you choose. You can simply speak or do a presentation. All formats are acceptable, and no format is seen as more desirable than any other.

The interview panel will normally comprise three alumni. There is a standard series of questions which give you the chance to talk about yourself in a structured way and give examples from your own experience. The major areas that the selection process covers are shown below, and the interview and the other information provided are included as part of the evaluation.:

  • Career Success
  • Contribution to the public good
  • Benefit from Cranfield
  • Potential as an executive (under the following subcategories)
    • Integrity
    • Relationship building
    • Communication
    • Results Orientation
    • Problem-solving
    • Strategic thinking
    • Team leadership
    • Continuous learning
  • Australian impact
  • CAASF ambassador

The final shortlist will be developed from the results of the interviews.

Step 7 Sheldon Harris executive development process

For the finalists, there will be a session, done in person or via Skype,  which includes:

1. An interview/discussion with Bronwyn Fulton, Principal 
2. A Leadership Potential report
3. Career feedback by Sheldon Harris directly to the applicant.

Step 8 Receive advice of Scholarship (or other) Award

The scholarship winner will be advised as soon as the decision is finalised in early May. There are various administrative tasks to be completed, including signing the acceptance letter.

Step 9 Award Annoucement

The scholarship winner will be publicly announced on LinkedIn, and to the alumni via email.



Register your interest

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