2011 Scholarship winner and finalists

CAASF 2011 Finalist - Anna Winner – Anna Baggoley
Central Flow Coordinator/ Associate Clinical Services Coordinator, Flinders Medical Centre

Anna has been working as a Registered Nurse in South Australia since 2005, after completing her degrees of both a Bachelor of Nursing and a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Management) . Throughout this time, she has taken on numerous roles, including Clinical, Education, and Management positions.

Anna commenced lecturing at Flinders University in 2005, and thoroughly enjoys mentoring and educating nursing students. She has continued to work within Flinders Medical Centre, taking on a variety of roles; from Cardiac Nursing to Policy and Procedure development, and her most recent challenge of Central Flow Coordinator- a role encompassing bed management of a large public hospital.

Anna has a passion for public health care, and is looking forward to the opportunity to develop her management knowledge, skills and abilities through the Cranfield MBA, so that she is well equipped to take on senior leadership roles within the Australian health care system in the future. Anna is thrilled to be this years recipient of the CAASF scholarship, and is looking forward to being an ambassador for the Alumni both at Cranfield and upon her return to Australia.

Anna is a keen artist, with a love of painting and drawing. She thoroughly enjoys travel, and learning about other people and their cultures. She also enjoys reading, gardening, and getting out in nature for a hike with family and friends.

2011 CAASF Finalist - Imran Moten Finalist – Imran Moten
Senior Manager – Ernst & Young

Imran has been working as an international management consultant, specialising in the financial services industry, and has lived and worked in Australia, UK, Continental Europe and Asia. Advising global organisations on various business issues, Imran has worked for prestigious consulting firms, such as Ernst & Young and PA Consulting.

Given the global exposure and the steep learning curve that he has experienced to date, Imran believes that the Cranfield MBA Program will rapidly propel his career forward towards becoming an internationally respected and influential business leader.

Imran has a keen sense of adventure and enjoys exploring different parts of the globe, is a keen sportsman and intends to build on his past charitable efforts in the future.