2015 Scholarship Award events

Cranfield VC, Board & 2015 Finalists
The 2015 Award Events—AGM, The Insiders View and the Award Dinner—were held at The Windsor Hotel Melbourne on 11 May 2015 with almost 70 attendees including the Cranfield University Vice Chancellor, Sir Peter Gregson, Mr Gareth Hoar British Consulate General Melbourne, Patron John McFarlane and his wife Anne, Cranfield Faculty, the Scholarship Board, the five finalists for 2015, and Alumni, their partners and guests.

Seventh Annual General Meeting of the Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship Foundation

Stephen Williams (MBA 1993) reported on progress in 2015 for the Scholarship Foundation and the changes occurring at Cranfield University, which are seen to be very supportive of the Alumni.

Cranfield University and the School of Management:

The significant visit of the Vice Chancellor Sir Peter Gregson and senior Cranfield faculty demonstrates just how greatly the international alumni community now figures in Cranfield’s strategy. We are proud that the Australian alumni community are developing many of the models and ideas that will support the reengagement of the University with Alumni. In particular, our efforts to find alumni from all Schools is slowly bearing fruit.

The Alumni Community: 



The Australian Alumni Scholarship:

To date we have sent 15 students to study at Cranfield and have five excellent candidates, our winner Lily Rattray and the four finalists, Clare Dyason, Paul Lamprecht, Martin Courland and Alex Gleeson, have all been offered significant part scholarships.

Recognition for the Australian Alumni activities: 


Further details of the AGM can be found in the Seventh AGM minutes

The Eighth AGM will be held in Sydney May 9th 2016

The Insider’s View – “An Insiders View: Risk Resilience and Adaptation”

Annual Dinner and Awards Presentation


Following the Insider’s View, pre-dinner drinks and canapés were served in the beautiful upstairs landing of the Windsor where Alumni gathered to catch up and meet this year’s finalists and their family .

Thence to dinner. Continuing our tradition that past Scholars act as Master of Ceremonies, Daniel George, 2013 Scholar, welcomed John McFarlane his partner Anne, the Alumni, guests and this year’s finalists. Daniel then spoke briefly about his year at Cranfield.

David then introduced a message from the Vice-Chancellor Sir Peter Gregson.

Again, following traditions established in previous years, the first seat move mixed up the tables. Again as in past years with our Alumni – a group of highly educated and highly intelligent people – chaos reigned.

David introduced the three finalists – Craig Kitto, Robert Sutton and Andrew Ireland – (with an unintentional but funny mashup of their bio details in which Craig discovered unbeknowst to himself that he was a father) and invited John McFarlane to present the awards.

Craig Kitto, a mechanical engineer with Aurecon was announced as winner of the Eighth Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship, 2014.

Robert Sutton, program manager, Raytheon Australia was awarded an Outstanding Candidate Award by the School of Management.

Andrew Ireland, architect and property advisor was awarded a Fees Bursary by the School of Management Each recipient gave a short acceptance speech, which allowed the Alumni and guests to see for themselves just how impressive this year’s finalists were (and reminded everyone involved that seeing such high quality finalists is the reward for all the hard work of running the Scholarship).

John McFarlane gave his annual speech which focussed this year on the enormously positive changes underway at Cranfield.

Each year, at the dinner, we play a video message from previous year’s winner & finalists. Each year the challenge is to be bigger and better than the previous year.

Finally, Stephen Williams, President of the Foundation gave a short speech of thanks.

2014 Awards: John Hosie has been awarded the President’s Award for 2015 in recognition of his work establishing The Cranfield Trust in Australia. Cris Saudella and Isobel Kettle from Cranfield are the joint recipients of the McFarlane Dollar Award in acknowledgement of their outstanding help and support for our efforts here in Australia.

The next Award Dinner will be held in Sydney in May 2016.

2014 Award Event Photos