2018 – Finalists for the Twelfth Scholarship

Andrew BeanAndrew Bean – Finalist

CSIRO Scientist Andrew Bean LinkedIn

Andrew is a research scientist. He has a PhD from Monash University in Immunology. After completing his PhD, Andrew went to work at a Research Institute in Silicon Valley. It was this time in the US piqued his interest in developing innovative research outcomes that can have important impacts on society.

Upon returning to Australia, Andrew’s research portfolio has been directed to deliver health tools to detect, control and eradicate diseases of high priority. 
Andrew has been able to research and develop a portfolio of new inventions to help reduce the cost of vaccine production. It has been said that one in five children worldwide are not fully protected against vaccine-preventable diseases and as a result, an estimated 1.5 million children die each year—one every 20 seconds.
Andrew has the scientific skills to deliver valuable solutions to industry needs. While he has much experience with managing large complex projects and developing high performing teams, Andrew is keen to develop the skills required for the business and commercialisation steps for these solutions. 

Andrew is thrilled to be a CAASF Finalist and is looking forward to potentially studying at one of the finest business schools in the world. 

Shaun CrossleyShaun Crossley – Finalist

Mining Projects/ Commercial Manager Andrew Crossley LinkenIn

Shaun grew up on the Gold Coast and completed his undergraduate studies at Griffith University in Civil Engineering and Business Management.  Since graduating, he has accumulated over 12 years of experience in the planning, control and execution of a range of multi-disciplinary projects, in the mining, civil infrastructure and oil and gas industries.

His career to date has seen him progress through increasing levels of responsibility, from onsite technical roles to head office based managerial roles, across a variety of locations, including Australia, the UK and the USA.

Shaun is at a stage in his professional career where he is motivated to develop himself and become both a better leader and individual.  He is very excited to be joining the Cranfield MBA cohort and views the program as an opportunity to expand his self-awareness and build his professional skill set.  He is also looking forward to meeting like-minded individuals from a number of cultural backgrounds and not only gain valuable knowledge from their respective experiences but also to build lasting relationships as well.

Outside of work, Shaun enjoys golf, hiking and swimming. He is also an avid traveler and thrives on visiting new places and experiencing different cultures.

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