MBA Rankings

MBA Rankings are collated and published annually by a range of international media organisations. Cranfield consistently ranks amongst the world’s top business schools, and its ranking exceeds most Australian business schools.

If you’re going to invest 12 months of your life getting an MBA then you should make sure that investment is a good one. Having to travel that extra mile (or 11,000 miles from Australia in this case) to get it should not be an issue – assuming that you have already assessed that it is a worthwhile investment.

Cranfield’s MBA is highly regarded and highly ranked.

You can also find the summary which Cranfield School of Management collates of it’s current position on all of the main MBA rankings here.

The major international rankings (which also include any ranked Australian business schools) are:

In Australia, for Australia business schools, The Australian Financial Review (AFR) has a complete and useful list and also The Australian MBA guide.