Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship. The FAQs have been divided into nine categories. However if your answer can’t be found here please DON’T hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

Undergraduate Degrees / Prior Work Experience

I don’t have an undergraduate degree

Cranfield accepts applicants who lack an undergraduate degree because it assesses applicants on a broader range of criteria than other business schools. Especially important is your work track record. In prior years we have had applicants who lacked a first degree be accepted by the school, been awarded a FeeShare scholarship and then gone on to great success. That is why therefore, if you are offered a place by Cranfield then you are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

What types of undergraduate degrees does Cranfield consider? What if I am a music major for example?

Cranfield considers all degrees and experiences.

What should I do if I meet all the criteria but do not have enough work experience?

You need to wait and apply once you do have more than 3 years work experience as this is a major eligibility requirement. However, you are most welcome to attend the ‘Meet the Alumni’ sessions to find out what you need to do over the coming years before applying. In fact, we have had people on our list for some years before they were finally ready to apply.

Can you apply for the scholarship if your undergraduate degree is from a non-Australian university?

It does not matter where your undergraduate degree is from. In fact, you do not need to have completed an undergraduate degree provided Cranfield will offer you a place. What matters is that you are an Australian citizen and reside in Australia during the application process, and you qualify under the other eligibility criteria.

Does it matter if I work in a not-for-profit/cultural sector?

The scholarship is designed to help develop  future (business)  leaders of Australian enterprises. It does not matter which sector of Australian community life you work in, you would be eligible. In fact  we actively seek applications from diverse sectors of the community and past winners reflect this.

What if I am over 34yrs of age?

There is NO upper age limit to be eligible for the scholarship. We indicate an age range between 28 – 34 simply because this is the most likely range for people to meet the experience criteria and also fit in lifestyle considerations eg young families. This age range is a guideline because you do need to have at least 3 years of work experience and most people that have completed a degree and the requisite work experience will be around 28. In past years, we have had a 25 year old as winner and also a 40 year old as Feeshare scholarship winner.

What is the average age and profile of an Cranfield MBA candidate?

The average age is 31 and all students are required to have a significant working history. In other words, they are not recent undergraduates. This means you learn as much from the other students in your year who are from all over the world, as you do from Cranfield staff, who are recognised internationally for the quality of learning and teaching.

I have a young family. Will this weigh against me when applying for the scholarship?

Given the average age of the student studying at Cranfield is 31, many of these have young families. Cranfield recognizes this and actively include partners and family as part of the “Cranfield experience”. Having young families is not an issue and it does not weigh against you for winning this scholarship. Past winners have taken their young family to Cranfield for the year. Refer to Adrian Wood’s comments (2007 New Zealand Scholarship Winner).

Do I need a GMAT to apply to Cranfield?

Cranfield accepts GMAT, minimum score is 600; however, Cranfield also has its own test that applicants can request to sit. Cranfield School of Management has information regarding Cranfield Admission Test (CAT) :  http://www.som.cranfield.ac.ukscholarships/work-experience-gmat.

Also refer to the “GMAT” section on the left hand side of this page. Normally, candidates can only sit the Cranfield Admission test in the UK, however, on occasion we may offer this test in Australia. Check the home page for announcements.

Scholarship Related Matters

What if I cannot attend the ‘Meet the Alumni’ session? Will it affect my application?

The ‘Meet the Alumni’ sessions are a wonderful opportunity to meet alumni members and hear about their experience at Cranfield and how their Cranfield MBA has contributed to their careers. It is not compulsory to attend, however, you will benefit personally from the experience. We try to arrange for any applicants who miss the sessions to meet or speak with alumni one-on-one.

Am I still eligible if I am an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident but have been using an overseas base for the past few years?

You need an Australian ciizen and resident in Australia during the application process to be eligible for the scholarship because of the interview process.

I am a New Zealand citizen resident in Australia. Does that count?

Unfortunately it does not; however, there is a scholarship funded by the New Zealand alumni which you may be eligible for.

I am a permanent resident in Australia. Does that count?

Unfortunately it does not; however, please still register your interest because you may be eligible for a FeeShare scholarship from Cranfield.

I am not Australian and not based in Australia

Then you may find that this website has information for international students that can assist—www.mbareviews.com.au

Can I still apply for the scholarship if I have completed an MBA previously?

The Cranfield MBA is quite a different experience from many other MBA’s. The student population is older with more experience and the course is intensive as it is completed within 1 year rather than 18 months or 2 years. For this reason, it does not matter if you have previously completed an MBA. You will still gain valuable knowledge and experience.

This web page gives additional information so have a browse: The Cranfield MBA