Life after Cranfield

You will find that your Cranfield MBA, used as a solid support to all your other great skills and capabilities, will give you the chance, if you so choose, to achieve great things.

Life after Cranfield is different for everyone. You may choose to stay in the UK, move internationally or return to Australia. You will hear many inspiring stories from Cranfield alumni during your time there, and you may find your initial ‘next steps’ change entirely after the year.

Career Development Service

The Cranfield Career Development service will help you on your journey and be a great resource throughout the MBA. The Careers service has excellent links to many top UK and EU companies that frequently recruit valued Cranfield alum.

Alumni Network

Cranfield’s alumni network is extensive and global. Make sure you make the most of the alumni available to you before, during and after the MBA as they will be your greatest asset as you enter the job-search realm. Cranfield has an extensive alumni database allowing you access to this treasured resource.

If you want to contact Australian alumni prior to making the move, please visit our LinkedIn page and pop a post up and one of us will be in touch. 

You have to remember that while the MBA gets you access to those sought-after jobs, but you still have to prepare a great application and perform well at interview in order to land the job.

Graduation Day

Sarah Nicholson, Inaugural Scholarship winner, 2007 with John  Miocevich, Finalist and Cranfield Fee Scholarship winner,
with Adrian Wood, New Zealand Alumn Scholarship winner and wife Amanda.