Life after Cranfield

You should be able to command a better salary due to your extra skills.

The Cranfield Salary Survey ( is a good place to start for data. Then depending on the job role that you are looking for, you should talk to some of the recruitment firms and get hold of their salary surveys too. Ask them which jobs they normally ask a Masters Degree for and ask what the salary ranges are.

Now you are ready to go job hunting. The usual tools and techniques apply. You have to remember, that the MBA gets you access to those sought after jobs, but you still have to prepare a great application and perform well at interview in order to land the job.

You could also get yourself head-hunted. Fish & Nankivell and Egon Zehnder are two of our sponsors who have speciality in this area. Our Australian Alumni have worked at big name companies in Australia like PBL, Cadbury Schwepps, GM Holden, Accenture.

You will find that your Cranfield MBA, used as a solid support to all your other great skills and capabilities, will give you the chance, if you so choose, to achieve great things.

Look at Cranfield’s own view on what happens after you get your Cranfield MBA.

If you want to contact the Alumni then click here.

Graduation Day

Sarah Nicholson, Inaugural Scholarship winner, 2007 with John  Miocevich, Finalist and Cranfield Fee Scholarship winner,
with Adrian Wood, New Zealand Alumn Scholarship winner with his wife Amanda.