Welcome Information for Registrants


This page includes basic information that you need to get started and then you can explore the rest of the website to read FAQs, get links to  the application forms etc.

Please note: this page is updated as soon as we have the dates for the next scholarship year and is up to date as at Jan 2020. 

The process and key dates are approximately the same each year. 

Please note that the award ceremony alternates between Melbourne and Sydney annually. 

The Application Process

There are three major steps in the application process that you will need to complete:

1. Submit your application to Cranfield SoM to be considered for a place on the full-time MBA course. You can do that here

2. Sit the GMAT OR sit the CAT 

3. Prepare the one-page submission outlining why you think we should award the Scholarship to you.

These steps are all covered in more detail under How to Apply.

You should also read through the sections About the Scholarship and FAQs. Many of your questions can be answered by reading through this section.

Cranfield application

You must submit an application to Cranfield University and be offered a place on the course by them. You can do this online or by downloading the forms and filling them in. You must do this by March to leave time for Cranfield to process your application before the scholarship selection interviews.  


You need to do the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Cranfield Admission Test (CAT) even if you have a post-graduate qualification. Either test is acceptable.

The CAT option is offered by negotiation in your state at no charge on a date mutually convenient to you and the alumni who invigilates the test. There are multiple testing dates for the GMAT. More information about each test is at the links given in How to Apply, including how to register.

The GMAT is an international standard test used by all business schools. You will get a provisional score on the day you sit the test and the final score comes out about 10 days later. The CAT is Cranfield’s own admission test. For the CAT we send the papers to the UK to be scored and you will get the result, normally in a few days.

You can submit your application for a place to Cranfield in advance of sitting the GMAT or CAT. However, Cranfield Admissions will not progress your application to the interview stage until you have a GMAT or CAT score. When you sit the GMAT you can request your score is sent automatically to Cranfield.

If you have any queries about sitting the GMAT in time, please make contact so we can help. Once you have your test dates booked please email us.

Scholarship application

We simply ask you to make a persuasive case to be awarded the scholarship. You can really answer in any way you wish so you will see that your options in making this submission are pretty broad. But, you only have one A4 page so you need to think carefully about how to use it best.


If you have a question which is not covered or if you have some last minutes hitches with anything at all, please feel free to make contact with the Alumni organisation. 

The Alumni community is here to help you

We aim to meet or speak to everyone personally to offer advice and information. So please don’t hesitate to use any or all of the means below to make contact:

Meet the alumni sessions

To get details of the “Meet the Alumni” events when they are scheduled (November thru March), check the website here for the dates. An email invitation will also come out with the details for these sessions once the dates/venues are confirmed. The MTA sessions are a great opportunity to meet alumni en mass to get lots of different perspectives. We are also happy to arrange for you to chat with local alumni directly, who can help with any queries.

Scholarship Foundation on LinkedIn

Feel free to follow the Scholarship Foundation on LinkedIn. You can post any questions and requests there. And remember to check this website, the LinkedIn group and our Scholarship Foundation page regularly for latest updates and news.

Contact the Foundation with specific questions

If you require any additional information, please contact the Scholarship Foundation here.

Connect to Board Members on LinkedIn

You can find all the Board members here.

You can contact me via the link below.

We look forward to getting to know you.

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