Have you ever been experienced?

The Cranfield Experience.

I believe one of the major advantages of undertaking a Cranfield MBA is its geographical location. I recall one student eloquently refer to campus as being “in the middle of a paddock somewhere in England”. Now, it’s nowhere near as bad as it may sound, but I would like to point out how this very point is turning out to be a major benefit.

We are now at the halfway point of term two, and the pressure is definitely on. Along with our individual studies, we are also working in learning teams of six students working together for group tasks. Efficiency and time management are crucial to ensure we can keep on top of the hectic timetable. The fact that Cranfield is not a city campus gives us very little in the way of distractions from the task at hand. We all live, work and play in what we have aptly named ‘The Bubble’, but from the school’s prospective, this would be more respectfully referred to as ‘The Cranfield Experience’.

Living this experience around the clock with such a compressed workload may sound like a negative, but it actually makes your commitment to the MBA so much more rewarding. The exponential learning, the scope of new experiences, and most of all, the amazing friendships you build all play their part in transforming you into a Cranfield MBA. As I look around, I see all my fellow classmates going through similar stages of personal development. A few are resisting the change, but most are embracing it. Like most things in life, you will only get out of it what you put in.

The best thing about challenging yourself in this environment is not only the comradery you have with your fellow students, but also the endless support you receive from the amazing faculty who are here to help you in anyway possible. For those of us who realise that it’s not just about earning a certificate, but to also develop both personally and professionally, we are definitely in the right place.