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Alumni Xmas Drinks | Monday 2nd December | Sydney and Melbourne

Thursday, November 28th, 2019

Dear Cranfield Alumnus,

A reminder about the pre-Xmas get-togethers for all Cranfield and Shrivenham Alumni to be held in Melbourne and Sydney on Monday evening.

Details of the events are below. We hope that you can join us to meet old friends and make some new ones amongst the alumni community. 

Note: If you did not receive the email from the Cranfield Alumni Office earlier this month regarding this event, you might wish to make contact via to get your details updated. 


Date: Monday 2nd December
Time: from 5 pm to 7 pm-ish.  (Happy Hour is on until 7pm.)
Where: The Establishment, 252 George St, Sydney. Map details:
Contact: David Scollon (
Additional info: Meet at the very back section of the ground floor bar. Handy to trains, buses and ferries.


Date: Monday 2nd December
Time: from 5 pm to 7 pm-ish.  (Happy Hour is on until 7 pm.)
Where: Carbine Bar, RACV City Club, 501 Bourke St, Melbourne. Map details:
Contact: Alexandra Chapman +61 411 519 445 (
Additional info: The Carbine Bar is downstairs from the Bourke St Club main entrance (the large revolving door). Mention that you are attending the Alumni function and the front door staff will direct you. I will sign-in all guests so text me if you are coming, last-minute late starters are fine.

We hope you can make one event or the other!


David Scollon and Alexandra Chapman

Fast track for Alumni seeking Board Positions

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Board Direction logo

Gaining a board appointment is a natural progression for senior executives and an invaluable way to further your career as well as to ‘give back’.

A board appointment has been proven to increase opportunities – both professional, and personally – including increased likelihood of promotion, higher salaries, greater executive opportunities.

Developing a ‘portfolio of directorships’ can also provide a very attractive retirement solution.

A Board level role is a great way to maximise the value of your Cranfield MBA.

However, gaining a board appointment is a highly competitive process, one with its own special process that most skilled executives are not well prepared for.

To help our Cranfield Alumni in Australia, we have developed a relationship with Board Direction – Australia’s leading Non-Executive Director and board career support firm.

Board Appointments BookBoard Direction are dedicated to getting their members a board appointment.

They publish Australia’s largest and most diverse list of Non-Executive vacancies.

As corporate sponsors to CAASF, Board Direction have agreed to provide a copy of their eBook – “Board Appointments – A definitive guide to gaining a board appointment’ free to anyone who registers to become a member of their service.

Just visit and use the ‘CRANFIELD’ code at checkout.

Then let your fellow Alumni know how things turn out.

Reflections on a decade of effort for our Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

winners-large-1200x400-2015Dear All,

How our Cranfield Scholarship started…

Our journey started in November 2005, when we received an email from Cranfield School of Management, offering a Scholarship place for the MBA programme aimed at increasing the number of Australians on the MBA.

That email triggered a thought process – perhaps we could use such a scholarship to address issues facing our Australian Cranfield alumni, namely:

  • Diversity in age, interests and experience and limited alumni numbers spread around the continent made it challenging to create a vibrant and meaningful alumni community;
  • Almost no community activities, apart from events organised by School of Management alumni in Melbourne and the occasional drinks with visiting faculty in Sydney;
  • Non-existent recognition of Cranfield and the value and quality of its education in Australia;
  • A large body of alumni – almost 1000 in Australia as we subsequently discovered – who shared and benefited greatly from their “Cranfield experience” but who had little reason or opportunity to come together;
  • Little engagement between alumni and the University once their studies were completed and limited contact information apart from the Cranfield Management Alumni database.

When the opportunity came, it meant that:

  • A scholarship could provide a catalyst to build an Australian alumni community with a unifying purpose;
  • We could use the scholarship to attract talented Australians to Cranfield;
  • We could grow the reputation of the Australian Cranfield alumni and to mutual benefit, awareness of Cranfield University and the School of Management as well.

This would create a virtuous cycle.

“We alumni are the beginning and end of a virtuous cycle in which

excellence and diversity in the student body leads to increased richness and quality of learning;

which in turn feeds the success of the graduates and Cranfield University as an academic institution;

and then delivers a stronger and more vibrant alumni community to act as role models to attract more outstanding students.”

A piece of cake really…

Except, for a group of volunteers, the workload was (and still is) enormous. A small group of alumni came together to tackle it, just like a WAC. We went back to basics in terms of how we built the end-to-end processes to find talented candidates, select the winner and the many things required to support our endeavours.

From our Inaugural Scholarship awarded in 2007 we have:blues_brothers

  • Created our scholarship for “leadership and management development for talented Australians who are passionate about Australia and want to contribute to its future” and awarded nine Scholarships;
  • Started to grow a purposeful and welcoming community for alumni of all Schools;
  • Built a pipeline to find talented Australians and show them how the Cranfield experience can accelerate their professional and personal development;
  • Established relationships with organisations who could spread the word about our scholarship to their talented employees;
  • Held numerous alumni events and nine gala award dinners;
  • Sent eighteen talented Aussies to Cranfield and with several more likely this year;
  • Defined our ethos as “pay it forward” to encourage beneficiaries to actively support the Foundation and ensure it will strengthen and grow into the future;
  • Influenced Cranfield University to appreciate the value of the alumni community and then supported its efforts to rebuild engagement with the international alumni community;
  • Located alumni based in Australia by referral and through LinkedIn;
  • Increased awareness of the Cranfield brand and reputation in Australia.

Where to now?

Over the past ten years, we have met many of the alumni through the events that we have held. One thing has become clear – we may be small in number, but we certainly “punch above our weight.” Indeed, Cranfield alumni in Australia hold positions of influence across a diverse range of industries and organisations.

Simply put, Cranfield alumni make a difference.

So, the next phase of our evolution will most likely centre on:

  • Supporting efforts to launch the Cranfield Trust, which can provide a vehicle for alumni to contribute their time and skills to valuable and worthwhile causes (more about this to come);
  • Expanding our scholarship activities with Cranfield’s support to other Schools & programmes of the University;
  • Increasing the number of indigenous Australians in our pipeline;
  • Continuing to strengthen our community with the support of Cranfield University;
  • Continuing to grow the reputation of Cranfield alumni in Australia.

Meanwhile Cranfield University continues on its own journey of transformation, strengthening the institution and the Schools academically, building brand reputation and engaging with the alumni community.

All of these activities will take (perhaps) another few years.

There is a Buddhist saying “When you are facing the right way, all you have to do is walk.” It’s our view that the University, the Schools and the alumni are now all facing the right way. And, all we have to do is continue on our journey.

So, the question for all of you is…

How would you like to contribute and shape the future of the Cranfield alumni in Australia?

We would greatly welcome your thoughts & feedback by return email or by posting to the LinkedIn discussion here.


alex short signature

Alexandra Chapman

Cranfield Alumni International President for Australia

PS A reminder to book for the Brisbane and Melbourne Alumni events | Tuesday 22 March & Wednesday 23 March

Click here to RSVP (there is no charge for the events)


2016 Scholarship Selection process

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Cranfield VC, Board & 2015 Finalists

Dear All,

It’s that time of year again, when I write to you because we are about to start the selection process to award the Tenth Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship.

I have just updated the Key Dates for the scholarship – which you can check here.

You can also review the end to end process on the Welcome Information page.

If you have been on our “Registered Interest” list for a while and I have NOT yet contacted you this year please either call me or email me:

  1. Indicating whether you:
    • A: Are interested in applying this year 2016;
    • B: Are interested in applying for a particular future year (in which case please advise);
    • C: Are interested but your timing is uncertain;
    • D: Would like to be removed from the Registered Interest list but are happy to become a supporter (all we ask is that you share the annual email announcing “Scholarship Applications Open”);
    • E: Would like to be removed completely (note you can always reregister if you wish).
  2. If you are planning to apply this year (A), could you please indicate whether you have done (or are about to do) the GMAT – or – if you would like to sit the CAT (you can book to take the CAT here).

There are additional scholarships on offer this year (details here) and I would love to see a wonderful bunch of talented Aussies (that’s you folks) be awarded them.

“Meet the Alumni Receptions”

We are holding alumni receptions in two weeks time to coincide with the visit of the Dean of Cranfield School of Management, Prof Maury Peiperl to Australia. The details of the events are below. You will have the opportunity to meet with alumni and learn about the “Cranfield experience”.

We aim to schedule a “Meet the Alumni” event in Sydney on a date tbc – most likely 31 March.

alex short signature


Alex Chapman  (MBA 1988) | Vice-President
on behalf of the Board of the Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship Foundation.

Register below if you would like to attend

Brisbane: Alumni Reception with Professor Maury Peiperl hosted by QUT

Date: Tuesday 22nd March

Time: 1700 – 1900

Venue: Executive Education Centre, Level 4, B Block, QUT Gardens Point, 2 George Street, Brisbane.

A campus map with parking instructions can be found here. 

Melbourne: Alumni Reception with Professor Maury Peiperl hosted by Cranfield University

Date: Wednesday 23rd March

Time: 1600 – 1930

Venue: The Winston Room, The Hotel Windsor, 111 Spring Street, Melbourne.


Reminder to RSVP | Prof Maury Peiperl visiting Brisbane & Melbourne 22-23 March

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Dear all,

Maury PeiperlProfessor Maury Peiperl, Dean of the Cranfield School of Management is making a flying visit to Australia in the next two weeks and we are delighted to invite you to alumni events to meet him:

  • BRISBANE       |   Tuesday 22 March 5pm onwards, and also
  • MELBOURNE |   Wednesday 23 March 4pm onwards.

This will give you the opportunity to meet Prof. Peiperl, hear his vision for the School of Management and get the latest news from Cranfield University.

You can catchup with fellow Cranfield alumni from all the Schools and also meet some of the talented applicants who are interested in our Scholarship.

We will give you an update on our Cranfield Alumni Scholarship (now in its Tenth Year) which goes from strength to strength, the launch of the Cranfield Trust and the other activities that we are planning to grow recognition of Cranfield and the Cranfield Alumni in Australia.

I do hope you can join us in either Brisbane or Melbourne.



alex short signature

Alexandra Chapman

Alex Chapman (MBA 1988) | Vice-President
on behalf of the Board of the Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship Foundation.

PS: Please all alumni –  SAVE THE DATE – Monday May 9th for the Tenth Scholarship Award Dinner in Sydney. It’s going to be big and a lot of fun.



Register below if you would like to attend

Brisbane: Alumni Reception with Professor Maury Peiperl hosted by QUT

Date: Tuesday 22nd March

Time: 1700 – 1900

Venue: Executive Education Centre, Level 4, B Block, QUT Gardens Point, 2 George Street, Brisbane.

A campus map with parking instructions can be found here. 


Melbourne: Alumni Reception with Professor Maury Peiperl hosted by Cranfield University

Date: Wednesday 23rd March

Time: 1600 – 1930

Venue: The Winston Room, The Hotel Windsor, 111 Spring Street, Melbourne 3000



If you have received this via email it is because we have your details as a Cranfield Alumnus on our Scholarship database.

2016 Alumni Update (my last as President)

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Cranfield VC, Board & 2015 Finalists

Dear All,

2015 was a year of projects and progress for the Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship Foundation (CAASF).

Scholarship and Alumni update

The Award dinner for the Ninth Scholarship was held at The Hotel Windsor in Melbourne on 11 May 2015 and was attended as always by John McFarlane our Patron. This year we also were fortunate to host Cranfield University’s Vice Chancellor, Sir Peter Gregson, and faculty members Simon Pollard, Elise Cartmell, Graham Braithwaite, and Debi Ashenden.

Organising events in Melbourne and Sydney and liaising with media to gain coverage of the faculty visit were hugely demanding undertakings as this year we were also especially busy with the scholarship selection. We upgraded our candidate interview process and had more candidates to interview than ever before at the final stages.

The President’s Lunches in February 2015 were hosted in Melbourne & Sydney and continued our process of relationship building, with a focus on CSIRO, indigenous organisations and Engineers Australia, with the aim of making sure that our pipeline of talent continues to grow.

The result was that we sent 3 students to Cranfield; a wonderful winner in Lily Rattray and finalists Claire Dyason and Paul Lamprecht who were offered part Scholarships.

Other progress

  • The visit from Sir Peter Gregson and faculty underlined the importance of the Australian alumni to Cranfield and the model that we have created here. We note that even our chosen word ‘community’ to describe ourselves has crept into the University’s lexicon;
  • Development of Cranfield’s new brand communications is almost complete – we have seen the drafts and feel that you will be very pleased with the results;
  • The School of Management’s rankings continue to improve;
  • We continue the process of connecting with Australian Alumni to include them in our community.

It would be fair to say that projects consumed the bulk of the Board’s energy and attention has been somewhat less on the day-to-day tasks of alumni events and communications. This is something we intend to focus on this year.

And lastly …

We are seeking a new President for the Foundation. After many years in Australia with RBS, and more than 3 years as President of CAASF, for family reasons I have recently returned to the UK. This creates an opportunity for a Cranfield alumnus to take on the role of President and to work with the established board. We are also seeking alumni for Board member roles.

Whilst the Board presently comprises mainly School of Management alumni (who were instrumental in setting up the scholarship), the new President could be someone from any part of Cranfield. The main requirement is someone who has the time, enthusiasm and energy to devote to the role. In particular, now that we have established the pipeline of talented candidates, the Board focus will be on financial and operational sustainability.

If you wish to indicate your interest, or to suggest someone who you believe fills the bill, please make contact with us via the contact form here.

Finally, I have greatly enjoyed my time as President and am proud of what our Alumni Scholarship has achieved. We are well on the way to making ours the pre-eminent scholarship for the development of leadership and management skills for talented Australians who are passionate about Australia and want to contribute to its future.

I hope to see you all in May at the Award dinner when I handover the baton to the new President.

Stephen Williams (MBA1993)

Stephen Williams  (MBA 1993) | President
on behalf of the Board of the Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship Foundation.





You are receiving this because you have your details as a Cranfield Alumnus on our Scholarship database. To unsubscribe, please contact us here.

Victorian Cranfield & Shrivenham Alumni get-together

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

on date TBC at the Deakin UniversityL 3, 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD. We look forward to seeing you there.


ACT Cranfield & Shrivenham Alumni get-together

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

on Mon 21 September at the Fellows Bar, University College, ANU. We look forward to seeing you there.


May 11 | 2015 Insiders View | Risk Resilience and Adaptation

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

We are delighted to welcome alumni and guests to a presentation from five of Cranfield’s professors to showcase the University’s activities.

AFR 13 Apr 2015 Cranfield and our Scholarship

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Our scholarship and John McFarlane in a two page write up in the Australian Financial Review

AFR 2 page 13 April